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August: Timeline

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A Police officer stands out side of a home in Warwick where a fire claimed the life of 67-year-old Gordon Howard

August 4: The Senate agreed to reform the Corporations of Hamilton and St George. The reforms removed the property vote in elections and put much of the municipalities' revenues in the hands of government. Earlier in the summer the Corporation of Hamilton held a protest against the move, calling it “financial strangulation”.August 5: Hoteliers reported low occupancy levels. The summer season is usually Bermuda's peak period but six major hotels said they were still below the record low 2008 occupancy rate in June, July and August.Paula Cox launched her bid to become Premier of Bermuda. She pledged to “heal some of the divisions and move forward”.August 6: Prince Barrington was shot in the vicinity of Elliot Street and Court Street.August 9: Infamous Court Street character Troy “Yankee” Rawlins was murdered on Court Street, the same day Julian Washington was shot at the Mid-Atlantic Boat Club.August 11: Gordon Howard died in a fire at his Warwick home.August 12: Maxcem Ltd, headed by Dennis Correia, won a tender to run the Dockyard Cement Facility. The company had operated the cement silos there for three years. The site had been run by Bermuda Cement Company (BCC) for 40 years. They left because they felt Government was attaching unreasonable conditions to their continued operation of the site, such as moving the silos BCC estimated such a move would cost between $12 and $15 million. Government has not demanded that Maxcem move the silos.August 16: Police were asked to investigate alleged threats made against Premier Ewart Brown in an online forum by an individual referred to as “Buddha Bunny”. No one has been arrested to date.August 23: Princeton Burrows was shot on Middle Road in Somerset, near the junction with Woodlawn Road.August 24: Government backbencher Dale Butler launched his bid to become Premier, pledging to invite Opposition members to be a part of his Cabinet.August 28: Jeffrey Johnston was airlifted to the United States for hospital treatment after being seriously injured in a kite-surfing accident in Somerset.

Gordon Howard