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October: Timeline

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Adam Goodwin

October 1: Calworth Furbert, the 77-year-old father of Progressive Labour Party MP Wayne Furbert, is robbed at gunpoint outside his Hamilton Parish home.October 3: Talented sailor Adam Goodwin, 22, dies after crashing his motorcycle into a wall in South Road, Smith's, making him the ninth fatal road accident victim of 2010.October 4: Jeremiah Dill, 27, is shot in the lower part of his body in broad daylight on Parsons Road. He is later released from hospital.October 5: 42 gang associate Alvone Maybury is found guilty of a shooting on Reid Street. Maybury, dubbed the Facebook Fugitive after escaping from prison guards and bragging about it on the internet before being discovered in a shed, would later be jailed for 13-and-a-half years.October 7: Deputy Premier Paula Cox is the overwhelming front-runner in the race for the PLP leadership, according to a Royal Gazette poll saying she gets the backing of 77 percent of PLP supporters, compared with ten percent for Dale Butler and five percent for Terry Lister.October 7: Mould expert Jack Thrasher declares Hamilton Police Station uninhabitable because it's so contaminated with mould, claiming officers working there should be wearing breathing masks.October 8: Bermuda bees are in crisis, with more than half of them dying off over the past 12 months. The Department of Conservation Services meets with beekeepers to assess the “catastrophic” situation which follows the appearance of an invasive mite a year previously.October 11: Earlston Smith, 31, is the tenth road fatality of the year after losing control of his motorcycle at the junction of Crow Lane and Corkscrew Hill.October 11: Outgoing Premier Ewart Brown goes on the attack at a media round-table event at Berkeley Cafetorium, accusing the press of criticising him because of his combative style and laughing off criticism of his $320,000 travel bill in a single year.October 12: Dr Brown says hotel developer Carl Bazarian now has funding in place for the new Park Hyatt in St. George's following years of delays over plans to revitalise the East End.October 12: Bermuda's four former Guantánamo Bay Uighurs have been given letters terminating their jobs as groundsmen at Port Royal Golf Course, it emerges.October 13: Dr Brown announces the Uighurs have been found new jobs in the private sector, but won't say where, and won't reveal if they've been afforded a special status which gives them different employment rights to other foreigners.October 14: Gunman Dwayne Signor is jailed for ten years after being convicted of shooting 18-year-old Shawn Williams during a brawl at a reggae party at Royal Artillery Association Club in St George's.October 15: Chairman George Scott and deputy Lovitta Foggo resign from the CedarBridge Academy board following a row with Education Minister Elvin James.October 21: Auditor General Heather Jacobs Matthews reveals taxpayers shelled out $10 million more than expected for vehicle safety and emissions testing centres after Government relinquished control to two linked private companies connected to businessman Dennis Correia. Mrs Jacobs Matthews points to a litany of failures by Government to ensure tendering policies were followed or value for money was delivered.October 26: Favourite Ms Cox says, despite keeping a low public profile throughout her leadership campaign, she's reached out to all levels of society and can now tailor her policies to the people that matter.October 27: Mr Lister argues his tough stances on education, crime and finance, and the public nature of his campaign, will give him the edge, saying: “I expect to win on Thursday night.”October 28: Dr Brown takes one last swipe at the media in an angry final speech as PLP leader as the party's annual delegates' conference gets underway.October 28: Ms Cox is elected leader of the PLP after picking up 124 votes against 39 for Mr Lister and two for Mr Butler as PLP delegates finally place their votes at Devonshire Recreation Club.October 29: Ms Cox is sworn in as Premier at a ceremony at Government House. She reveals her plan to save $150 million in her first year by instilling better financial discipline in Government.

Cars enter the parking lot at the Transport Control Department. Auditor General Heather Jacobs Matthews criticised the lack of fiancial control exercised by Government over the project.