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Eight players earn all-star honours at US camp

All-stars: Bermuda's players earned spots at a US camp

Eight of Bermuda’s youth national team achieved all-star status at the prestigious Keystone State Camp this week.

Rye Ahronson, Andy Perez, Caelin Peters, Kobie Reid, Zane Curtis-Thomas, De-Nyi Thomas, Ryan Grant, and Seth Hardtman were all featured on first and second team all-star teams after their run at the camp.

“The fact that we had eight players selected as all-stars this year is an astonishing result when you consider the adversity that the players have faced going in,” Charles Peters, BBYF director, said.

“We had four players go down with injuries before or during the first day of the event.

“One of those players was selected as an all-star last year and almost certainly would have done the same this year if he remained healthy.

“We also had several players graduate from high school, meaning that most of our all-stars this season were new to the division that they played in, and were playing against older and more seasoned competition. The results really show just how much the programme and its players have developed in just one year.”

Keystone Camps has more than 4,000 campers annually for its basketball camps, shoot-outs, and tournaments and has been host to hundreds of college basketball players and coaches. Keystone’s notable alumni includes NBA players Derrick Rose, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Jamal Crawford, Kyle Korver, and Kobe Bryant.