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Assaulting arresting officers earns man 30 days in prison

A 55-year-old Smith’s man was sentenced to 30 days in prison after shoving a police officer to the ground and choking him.Edward Albert Simons pleaded guilty to assaulting two police officers and causing actual bodily harm to one.He also admitted violently resisting arrest, driving without a properly fastened helmet and driving without a valid licence.Crown counsel Kirsty-Ann Kiellor told Magistrates’ Court that officers on duty on Club Road in Smith’s saw Simons driving with an unfastened helmet around 4.28pm on Sunday.The officers stopped him and found he had an outstanding warrant. Simons slapped one officer as they attempted to handcuff him, causing the handcuffs to fall to the ground.He continued to resist arrest, swinging his arms at the officers to prevent them from handcuffing him.Other officers in the area attended the scene to help detain Simons, but as the struggle continued Simons grabbed one officer and shoved him to the ground, causing him to fracture his elbow.Simons then began to choke the fallen officer until police used a Taser to stop him.Following his arrest, he told officers: “I wanted to use my phone.”Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner sentenced Simons to 30 days’ imprisonment for the incident.