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Passenger fined $2,880 for using offensive words at airport

Magistrates Court (photo by Glenn Tucker)

A man was fined $2,880 after pleading guilty in Magistrates’ Court to saying offensive words to a police officer and violently resisting arrest.

Nicole Smith, for the Crown, said on Friday that Eujonte Outerbridge, 34, of Hamilton Parish, arrived in Bermuda last Wednesday from London.

Outerbridge allegedly verbally harassed some passengers while on a British Airways flight, but no formal complaints had been made, the court heard.

At LF Wade International Airport, Outerbridge asked for a wheelchair several times before he was approached by police officers who asked him if everything was OK.

Outerbridge then went on a verbal tirade, telling officers that they were targeting him because of his race and that he was being racially profiled.

Despite being cautioned by officers that he could be arrested, he continued shouting at them and called one officer in particular an explicit name, the court was told.

After officers arrested Outerbridge, he tried to break away from them and lunged at one near the Customs area.

He also said to officers: “Hit me, you know you want to.” He was then taken to the Hamilton Police Station.

Outerbridge apologised to the court for his actions, but told senior magistrate Maxanne Anderson that all he was trying to do was get use of a wheelchair and he believed he was racially profiled during the incident.

Ms Anderson told him that his actions were not the proper way to deal with perceived incidents of racial profiling and ordered that he pay a total of $2,880.

Ms Anderson ordered that he pay the fine in its entirety on Friday or serve four months in prison.