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Pupils return to classrooms as many public schools reopen

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Pupils at Northlands Primary School returning to their classrooms last Friday (Photographs supplied)
Pupils at Northlands Primary School returning to their classrooms last Friday (Photographs supplied)
Pupils at Northlands Primary School returning to their classrooms last Friday (Photographs supplied)
David Burt, the Premier, takes his son Edward back to Northlands Primary School last Friday as its classrooms reopen (Photograph supplied)

A total of 31 public schools have reopened their classrooms to pupils, the education ministry has revealed.

The news came as the Department of Health confirmed that a risk assessment was carried out at West Pembroke Primary School, which was potentially exposed to the coronavirus last week.

A health ministry spokeswoman said that affected pupils and their families were notified on what to do.

She added: “We remind our public school family to please, at all times, be safe and any directives as a result of possible Covid exposure will be issued by the DoH only.”

The news came as the Ministry of Education announced a list of reopened schools.

Dellwood Middle School, Whitney Institute Middle School, St George’s Preschool and Devonshire Preschool reopened yesterday.

Warwick Preschool, St David’s Preschool, St George’s Preparatory School, Francis Patton Primary School, Harrington Sound Primary School, Dalton E Tucker Primary School, St David’s Primary School, Paget Primary School, Somerset Primary School, West End Primary School and Heron Bay Primary School reopened on Tuesday .

Elliot Primary School, Northlands Primary School, Lyceum Preschool and Prospect Preschool opened last Friday.

The Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy is due to reopen today.

A health ministry spokeswoman said: “All staff and parents have been notified.

“Additional schools have tested this week and each school will send notice individually.”

The first school to reopen was Southampton Preschool on October 7, followed by St Paul’s Preschool and Lagoon Park Preschool the next day.

Port Royal Primary School, Gilbert Institute and West Pembroke Primary School reopened on October 11 and Purvis Primary School, Prospect Primary School and Victor Scott Preschool on October 12.

Victor Scott Primary School and East End Primary School opened their doors on October 14.

The ministry said that no opening date was yet available for the Success Academy.

All schools have been required to reach an 80 per cent parental consent threshold for saliva testing to reopen, in addition to 80 per cent of pupils receiving a clear coronavirus test result.