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Earth Hour activities announced

Eugene Dean of Greenrock speaks at a press conference for Earth Hour (Photograph by Sekou Hendrickson)

The Royal Naval Dockyard will host several activities during an island-wide blackout for Earth Hour next month.

The worldwide annual event will be used to highlight sustainability and climate change through symbolic lights out activities from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on March 30.

Eugene Dean, a board director of Greenrock, said: “The purpose of Earth Hour is to raise awareness and educate the general community about ways that we could live more sustainably.

“Last year we focused on plastic use and this year our goal is to focus on energy efficiency.

“Therefore, for the entire month of March, we will be talking about ways that everyone in the community can leverage off of technologies that help us to use energy more sustainably and ultimately reduce our costs.”

Activities will include a 25-kilometre family bike ride on electrically-assisted pedal bikes, a 5-kilometre run, a 5-kilometre Glow Walk and Glow Flow Yoga during the lights out event.

A spokeswoman for the City of Hamilton Corporation said that street lamps around Front Street, city parks and the City Hall grounds will be turned off during Earth Hour, although traffic lights will be unaffected.

She added: “The City is proud to promote the global effort to recognise the urgent need for energy conservation. “We encourage all city taxpayers — be it restaurants, retailers, businesses or residents — to all do their part to reduce their consumption during Earth Hour by switching off non-essential lighting.

“We are responsible for the state of our planet and it is up to each and every one of us to do our part and make a difference.”

A spokeswoman for the Chamber of Commerce also encouraged businesses to turn off lights or power during the blackout.

She added: “Restaurants, especially our restaurant division members, can creatively embrace Earth Hour by hosting special activities such as intimate candlelit dinners to observe the occasion while remaining in operation.”

Details and registration for all activities will open on Monday on the Greenrock website at www.greenrock.org.

Extra ferry services between Hamilton and Dockyard will be available.