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Health warning on Zika virus

Health experts remain on alert for the mosquito-borne illness zika virus, but say Bermuda has no reported cases.

Outbreaks of the disease, which results in fever, rash and joint pains, have been recorded in the Americas and the Caribbean, including Haiti, Barbados and Puerto Rico.

The Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit is directing residents to the Bermuda Government health website, www.health.gov.bm, for evidence-based advice.

“The Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit conducts ongoing surveillance for rash and fever, with the collaboration of healthcare providers,” a statement said.

“Individuals experiencing such symptoms, and who have a recent history of travel to affected regions, should inform their healthcare professional.

“Physicians should report any suspected cases of zika virus, or related vector-borne infections such as dengue fever or chikungunya, to the ESU on 278-6503.

The ESU will investigate such reports and put control measures into place.”