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An accurate portrayal of reality

April 8, 2013Dear Sir,Elspeth Brewin’s letter to the RG on April 6 is another of her accurate portrayals of reality. She is spot on about the accountability to which the PLP should be held. And she is absolutely right when she calls into question everybody from Ministers to backbenchers to supporters for not stepping up to the plate and calling a stop to what they did.I understand that some of the PLP supporters will walk over a cliff for their ‘leaders’ but for many others, they must see the reality of incompetence and the other ‘c’ word. You simply cannot govern a sophisticated country - no matter how small - without competence and integrity. Forget favours to friends; forget race; forget BIU influence on the political process; in fact, these days I suggest that anyone who ever supported the PLP open their eyes and forget everything except what they did when they were given the chance. Otherwise the hunger pangs will continue a long way ahead...The OBA is not the UBP and every damn voter in this country knows that. Bob Richards is not telling lies and the rest of the OBA is smart enough to at least implement sound fiscal and management policies. As Mrs Brewin says, the PLP should be unelectable for many generations to come until they can show a level of competence and integrity that will show at least some semblance of being prepared to do the job.Having said that, they always were the better Opposition - maybe they need to stay there.Sky Larkin