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Road Safety Council advice being ignored

Dear Sir,

The Road Safety Council has given many recommendations and advice concerning the use of the roads, however, it seems to be wasting its time because it is apparent that few people heed its advice.

Last Sunday I was driving from Somerset to Paget and in Southampton, one of the minibuses which takes cruise ship passengers to and from Horseshoe Bay (it was empty at the time) overtook me, having sat on my rear bumper for some distance, at a speed of at least 55km/h.

A taxi which had been behind the minibus overtook me and the bus and must have been doing 65-70km/h.

I believe the time has come for legislation to be considered and passed that such flagrant violation of the speed limits should incur penalties of confiscation of the vehicle for the period the driver is off the road, plus a substantial fine.

The vehicles can be placed in the government quarry and any deterioration that occurs is the responsibility of the owner.

On a second offence, the vehicle is not only confiscated but sold and the proceeds go to the Police for purchasing more speeding intervention equipment.

Any other penalties of licence suspension will also apply.

Your sincerely,