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Troubled by disregard for road rules

Dear Sir,

Please allow me some space to comment on the “Bad Driving Culture Across the Island” (Royal Gazette, December 16). I was taken down on Sunday evening by a driver who was more interested in listening to his music than driving responsibly, which highlights the selfish, careless, thoughtless and casual way we treat others on the road - particularly those on cycles who are vulnerable.

To eradicate this sense that there are no laws that apply to drivers, we need more visibility of the “Boys and Girls in Blue” - not less.

Contrast that to the hospital care I was given at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital is a lesson in opposites. From the moment I was picked up by the ambulance and taken to the hospital - injected, inspected, imaged - and subsequently released, I experienced a showcase of great humanity from the staff and team at our hospital. It is really unfortunate that this was the only way to really find out.

The bike was a write-off, the body bruised but the spirit unscathed. However, I am troubled by the blatant disregard for the rules and the lack of courtesy on the roads.



Masterworks Museum

of Bermuda Art

Bad driving culture: in this file photograph, police deal with an accident on Pitts Bay Road. More police visibility would help cut down on the instances of careless driving, says Tom Butterfield, who needed hospital treatment after a bike accident