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Incompetence of legendary levels

Facility failure: Sandys 360 still owes Government money

Dear Sir,

Sam Strangeways is to be congratulated on her story in The Royal Gazette of May 5, asking plaintively “where is the missing $807,000?”

That article, the recent Auditor-General Report and daily experiences of taxpayers tends to indicate that government financial management is inefficient and wasteful.

Even more depressing is that there appears to be no remedy to the inefficiencies in the management of public funds.

Surely, voters must reach the conclusion that the Bermuda Government and many of its senior public servants do not have management skills to run a candy store, far less an organisation with the breadth and scope of the Government.

Their incompetence has now reached legendary proportions.

The missing $807,000 came out of the pockets of ordinary taxpayers and it should be recovered.

Who in Government is responsible for this?

On a happier note, Sam Strangeways should be given a pay rise.