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Bacardi, please turn the lights off

Bright idear: Bacardi's headquarters

Dear Sir,

We recently returned home after a holiday to your lovely island and stayed again at the equally lovely Rosedon hotel.

When there I watched an item about how long Bacardi company has been based in Bermuda.

I am sure they are a lovely company that makes excellent drinks. Unfortunately they are rather bad next-door neighbours.

All night they turn night into day with a number of large floodlights that come on each evening.

The hotel has had to put up expensive curtains to the windows to block the light out to enable guests to have a good night’s sleep.

In an earlier visit a couple of years ago I went to the office and discussed the matter with the property manager. I suggested they fit PIR [passive infrared sensor] motion detectors to the lights so they would only come on when an intruder entered the property.

He agreed it would save some thousands of dollars in the electricity bill. It really is a waste of electricity.

Unfortunately nothing has been done. I hope this letter may prompt them to have another look at the problem.


Trowbridge, UK