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Tech Institute article was persuasive

Inspiring story: Wilmouth Elmes

Dear Sir,

A very articulate and exciting article on the front page of my Royal Gazette yesterday.

A very persuasive plea to consider opening up a “priceless legacy”, none other than the Technical Institute of long ago.

Young men, men, who came out of school with... no papers, no trade, no proper education to take them to a higher level, learning a trade for plumbing, carpentry, electronics, mechanical technical knowledge, chef, cooking, and many more, and others to further their education in math, chemistry, physics, and being the next doctors and surgeons for Bermuda, and many other pursuits, was usually the reward.

As you can see that young men, and now perhaps women too, can get an early start on the ladder of success, achieving perhaps their dreams and being a productive member of society, supporting them selves and not being a burden to their country, having to be supported, treated, and often fed!

So, one can see the math picture here, of how the Government could save thousands, millions in the long run, by having students returning home, to happily give back, healthy, drug free, and to be an example and show their friends what can be achieved. To be our future doctors and surgeons, and the key is, to be anything you want to be with pride and happiness.

I remember when I was on the Drug Board out at Admiralty House, long ago, and how so many of the young men went to the tech, for want of anything else and were completely turned around, successful and would come back and tell me, full of pride.

So, Wilmouth Elmes, thank you for your inspiring words, let us hope that because of you, your article, obvious success, dedication to hard work and experiences, many young people will be inspired to follow in your footsteps.

Hopefully too, the Government will consider this matter very seriously. The children may have been short changed in their early days, but now is the time to make that up, and for the Government to give them that facility and to take steps to achieve that end.

This could be nothing but a win-win for all concerned.

Bermuda for Bermudians and if I may use that famous expression: “It is the right thing to do!“