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Sidewalk project embarrassing

Minister of Public Works Craig Cannonier

Dear Sir,

There are problems to solve and then there are other problems to solve. It seems like some just go on and on and on ... like that sidewalk project at the bottom of Burnt House Hill.

I know what the issues are, but, even though it may be a back-burner issue, the number of commuters who pass by that location and laugh at the Department of Works and Engineering may not be the best advertisement for this government.

It is an embarrassing project and a dangerous way to leave things. You know, the One Bermuda Alliance is constantly told that it doesn’t communicate well and that it doesn’t know what the term “public relations” means. Waving this joke of a project at western voters on a daily basis does not make anyone feel good about its management skills.

As The Royal Gazette always says, “Just Fix It!”. The only reason this is taking so long is that no one wants to make a call about a stupid pole.