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Walter is my hero ... let’s recognise the other humble superstars

Dear Sir,

I have a newspaper delivery man called Walter, who must be the dream son of every mother.

Dedicated to his loyal commitment of years of service to his customers and The Royal Gazette. Never late, rain or shine, quiet at 5am, polite and reliable, and delivers regardless of hurricane warnings.

I have been the recipient of this wonderful service for years and years, and have felt respect, affection and gratitude over these many years.

A silent service that thousands deliver every day but seldom gets recognised.

Today I say Walter is my hero, and would like everyone to make it known that they, too, have a hero such as Walter in their lives.

We all have them and should make it known.

Who knows, we could start a movement such as “The Silent Achievement Award” because one could donate the name of your hero unbeknown to them, and publish it — maybe once a month or once a year, with the publisher’s help.

If this takes hold and inspires a group of people to promote it, we could see the introduction of something very worthwhile, especially for our youth; to try to do better and maintain standards. Why not for all of us? Some kind of educational reward could be considered or an introduction into a trade or a valuable learning experience. Or even a super job.

These are exciting times for Bermuda and one can feel the atmosphere, an atmosphere that can sweep us towards a successful America’s Cup and beyond.

Security for all.