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Sad and offended by Bermuda Regiment front-page picture

Dear Sir,

I was sad and offended to see the Royal Bermuda Regiment displayed on the front page of my newspaper in such an unprofessional manner.

The photographer should have taken his commission seriously and realised that those recruits were worthy of a deep sense of respect, and to display that, they should have looked at the camera with the serious dedication that they must have had to have during their training period. The commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel David Curley, if present at the time of the photograph, should not have allowed his recruits to display themselves as if they were on Saturday Night Live.

I have loved and admired the regiment for many years and every time they go on display, I go down and watch and applaud, and get that thrill again that almost inspires me to tears. They must be complimented on their passing out, for their courage and dedication represent the sacrifices that have been made by many over the years, making this lovely little island safe.

They should then march with pride and discipline, realising and understanding the sacrifices that were made by men who have gone before them — respectful and mindful.

As a final hope, all schools should make their pupils aware of the regiment’s honourable history.


Editor’s note: the photograph in question, pictured above story, was not offensive in the least but reflected the pride that the officer and non-commissioned officers had in leading victorious 7 Platoon during recruit camp