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Nahki sends message he could play with best

In the last 50 years Bermuda have produced three players who have gone on to join teams in the top flight of English football — a league generally considered the best in the world.Not a bad statistic for an island this size.Now another appears who could follow in the footsteps of Clyde Best, Shaun Goater and Kyle Lightbourne.Nahki Wells shouldn't get carried away with his outstanding performance in Bradford City's astonishing victory over Arsenal in midweek — one of the most shocking results in League Cup history.Cup minnows often slay the giants in English cup football. It's what makes these competitions so fascinating.But a fourth tier club beating a side such as Arsenal will take a prominent place in the football annals. And no matter what Nahki achieves in the rest of his career, Tuesday's game will remain etched in his memory forever.And given the way the 22-year-old Bermudian skipped around Arsenal's Belgian international Thomas Vermaelen and proved a handful for a defence which on today's market might be worth some $50 million, there should be a lot more memories to come.Commentators raved over his play during the game and the plaudits continued to flow in the English newspapers the following day.His stock rose considerably.And while he recently signed a three-year contract with the Bantams, it's difficult to see how he'll stay with the Yorkshire club that long.Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, aside from the seething inside as he watched the inept performance of his own players, couldn't have failed to recognise Wells' early impact on the game.He won't have been the only one. The match was televised not only in Britain, but across the world.Other coaches might have been scratching down a few notes as they watched City's top goalscorer in action.That he was substituted midway in the second half was of little significance.His side were desperate to hang onto a slim lead and needed reinforcements and some fresh legs. It was an obvious tactical manoeuvre.The question now is whether Wells has attracted enough attention to rouse interest from the bigger clubs.Football contracts tend to be torn up as quickly as they're signed. At the right price, a club such as Bradford would have no hesitation in selling . . . although probably not until their push for promotion is over.But while he continues to bang in the goals in League Two and made his presence known this week, there's a long rocky road ahead if he's to emulate the likes of Best and co.Depending on the semi-final draw, he'll get another chance to showcase his skills against another Premiership club — Swansea, Aston Villa or possibly Chelsea, who still need to beat Leeds United in the remaining quarter-final match.That will be another defining point in what is really only the fledgling stage of his career. If he can grab that opportunity as he did against the Gunners, Bermuda may have another football star in the making.* * * *The new Aquatics Centre was always going to develop into a hot political potato, and never more so than pre-election.While its design, who should design it, and the intention it be used for both recreational and competitive purposes has courted controversy certainly Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association (BASA) have never been convinced it was the ideal facility to meet Bermuda's needs the biggest bombshell of all was the recent revelation that it won't be open in the winter months and when it is open, it could cost the taxpayer close to $100,000 per month to run, depending on the rates charged for those who want to use it, i.e, the Island's swim clubs.Depending on how many weeks it remains open, that's in the region of one million dollars a year. Presumably, much like the NSC football field on the south side which has become something a white elephant, it won't come free.Has someone got their sums wrong and if they haven't then a breakdown of costs needs to be made public?The questions now beg were:1) Such astronomical figures known when the decision was taken to construct this type of pool?2) And if they were, could those figures have been reduced had advice from BASA been taken to build a cheaper but just as effective facility?Even taking into account the extortionate Belco bills in Bermuda, it's difficult to imagine that the 50-metre pools prevalent throughout colleges and universities cost so much to maintain.ADRIAN ROBSON