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A symbol of change, renewal and rebirth

It’s in your hands: the butterfly represents rare beauty that breaks from its ugly cocoon by bravery and hard work, to fly

Long ago in an ancient city lived a Master, surrounded by his disciples. The most talented of them once wondered: “Is there any question that our Master cannot answer?”

He went to the blossoming meadow, caught the most beautiful butterfly, and covered it in the palms of his hands.

Smiling, he went to the Master and asked:

“Tell me, is the butterfly I hold alive or dead?”

He concealed the butterfly in his closed palms, ready to squeeze or open them at any moment.

Without even looking at his student, the Master said:

“It’s all in your hands.”

I woke up one morning and for a long time could not open my eyes. I longed to stay in my beautiful, extraordinary and symbolic dream and did not want it to slip away.

In my dream, I opened the wardrobe and froze in amazement. Many brown, unsightly chrysalises lay in it. “How did they get here? It is absolutely impossible,” I thought.

They began to move and at once transformed into beautiful, joyful, bright orange butterflies with black veins and white spots on their delicate, fluttering wings.

Monarch butterflies, my favourite. Gorgeous and resilient. The only kind that can fly hundreds of miles in annual migration. I gasped with delight.

They began to fly out of their hiding place in unison. I turned around to watch their flight and gaped. In the spacious loft with wooden beams and high ceilings, hundreds of butterflies slowly circled in their silent, smooth, and elegant spiral. Morning sun glowing in the huge window flashed a bright light on their dazzling wings. It was so harmonious, beautiful, and solemn — like a gracious dance of fluttering flowers.

Suddenly, some of the butterflies slowed their quiet parade — and glided straight at me. A minute after, and I was wrapped alive in the most delightful veil of butterflies. The touch of butterfly wings was so gentle and affectionate that I felt I was under their weightless yet sensitive protection. “Beauty will save the world,” I thought, remembering the inspired words of Dostoevsky. I woke up with a happy smile on my face.

It was an iconic dream for me — rare beauty that breaks from its ugly cocoon by bravery and hard work to fly. The butterfly as a profound symbol of change, renewal, self transformation and rebirth.

It is much easier to build a cosy and warm cocoon of your own habits, routines, judgments and emotions and hide yourself there. It is a safe and familiar place, a comfort zone that is too risky to leave.

Some people build impenetrable cocoons of armour around their hearts. They do not allow themselves to experience true and strong feelings: love, affection, respect, appreciation, gratitude. And, they also refuse to show them to their closest people.

We could be locked up for years in a rigid cocoon of principles, norms and traditions of society that limit our ability to change and develop.

Think about if these borders restrict your development and growth? To be what you want to be and dream what you really desire to become is only possible if you break out of your comfort zone. Is it difficult? Yes, to change something in your life or yourself is incredibly challenging and sometimes painful. But, the rewards are great.

Why not give yourself the chance to escape from these confines, spreading your wings and flying to another world of new opportunities? Until you spread your wings, how do you know how far you can fly?

Why do we hesitate and fear to show our colourful wings?

If you know that it’s time for a change, what prevents you from becoming a better, stronger, and kinder person? A more attractive person?

Who, if not you, will do the difficult, but rewarding work of reincarnating yourself?

To start your amazing journey to your renewal and to a new you, please answer this one question: What kind of person do I want to become?

As the master taught, it’s all in your hands. Without change, there would be no stunning butterflies. Without change, there would be no better you.

We all were given wings to fly.

Nina London is a certified wellness and weight-management coach. Her mission is to support and inspire mature women to make positive changes in their body and mind. Share your inspirational stories with her here: www.ninalondon.com