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Putting the right foot and footwear forward

Putting in the miles: after 300 miles, or six months, you should invest in a new pair of shoes

Over the past few weeks there has been in increase in foot traffic. It’s been inspiring seeing so many people choosing to move more. Truthfully, I believe that ever since we’ve had to shelter in place, many are acknowledging the importance of fitness and wellness, thus out moving more. It’s amazing!That being said, I want to discuss the importance of proper footwear.Just the other day we had a client complaining of shin pain while running.Keep in mind she’s an avid runner who had amazingly increased her running over the past few weeks, which is commendable.When asked about her sneakers she admitted that they were about four years old. My dear! Those sneakers have no place on the road after four years of running. The common rule is that after 300 miles, or six months, you should invest in a new pair of shoes.That paired with proper running mechanics can help alleviate any bodily pains that may come from running.The constant stress being placed on your bones and joints can lead to serious injuries if not.Running is a technical sport like many sports and it’s important to acknowledge and respect that. Whilst it is refreshing seeing an increase in runners, I simply want to remind us that proper footwear and running mechanics can prevent injuries.As the retail stores have opened back up for kerbside pick-up, I strongly encourage all to make the necessary calls and secure the proper footwear for their running needs.Furthermore, become educated on proper mechanics and foot placement while running. I promise, investing now will help in the long run (pun intended).If you are experiencing discomfort or pain, check these two elements and consider taking a break from running on the road.There are many non-running cardio options to do in the meantime: cycling, swimming, walking, dance fitness and circuit training.All can be done without going far from home.Continue to be honest with your efforts, practise social-distancing and be safe.• Dre Hinds is a retired track and field athlete who is now a personal trainer, aerobic and yoga instructor and fitness “addict”. Contact her on: absbydre@gmail.com, 599-0412 or @Absbydre on Facebook and Instagram