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Campbell’s new flavours are rubbing off

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Michiko Campbell with the original smokey rub and the two new flavours

A young entrepreneur’s taste of success with a secret food rub recipe has spurred him on to produce two new flavours.

Now chef Michiko Campbell’s ham seasoning and triple garlic fusion are available for sale — with an added Bermuda flavour.

For Mr Campbell, a sous chef at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, has had new labels created by graphic designer and fiancée Sherelle Simons with a Bermuda flag and “Made in Bermuda” on the new bottles.

“I want it to be noticed as coming from the Island of Bermuda,” Mc Campbell said. “We’ve already had some international sales, so it’s an extra selling point.

“I am hoping these new flavours will do even better than the first one.”

Mr Campbell launched Chiko’s Smokey Rub this year and has sold 2,500 bottles, both locally and as far afield as Australia.

He came up with the secret recipe, which features specially treated paprika, among other ingredients, while still a culinary arts student at Johnson & Wales in Miami.

Mr Campbell said that the new ham seasoning was designed to complement the festive season taste for the meat, while the garlic infusion was an all-purpose flavouring suitable for meat, vegetable and pasta dishes.

He added that there will be more launches in the pipeline. “We have more that we’ll be doing, but we probably won’t release them until the new year,” he said. “One will be a spicy version of the original smokey rub.”

Mr Campbell, 24, from Pembroke, got rave reviews for the smokey rub when he started using it at family get-togethers and on steaks at RBYC.

The club was so impressed with the added flavour of the rub, which can be used on seafood and vegetables as well as meat, that he was asked to incorporate it as a permanent fixture in some dishes.

The rub and other flavours are available at the Bermuda Shop in Dockyard’s Clocktower Mall, Bermuda Linens and Gifts in St George’s and Portraits of Afrique, on Cox’s Hill Road, Warwick.

The seasonings can also be ordered at www.chikossmokeyrub.com, by e-mail at chikosmokeyrub@hotmail.com or at www.facebook.com/chikosmokeyrub.

Michiko Campbell's original smokey rub and the two new flavours
Michiko Campbell's original smokey rub and the two new flavours