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CADA calls for action against alcohol abuse

CADA chairman Anthony Santucci

CADA is calling for an array of measures designed to build and strengthen the armoury against alcohol abuse.

They include sobriety check points, mandatory post-accident alcohol testing, the establishment of an “ABC” — alcohol bureau of control — and social hosting legislation.

The organisation, whose role is to encourage responsible alcohol behaviour, also released a list of fatalities on the road from the beginning of 1997 to the end of 2014, which showed road deaths jumped from seven to 17 between 1997 and 1998. The 1998 number was matched again in 2008. Numbers were high again last year with 16 deaths. The smallest number of fatalities occurred in 2002, when two people died.

CADA made the call just hours after the death of Jereme Cumbermack, 33, a former US Virgin Islands Davis Cup tennis team member and Bermuda resident after a collision this morning on Middle Road in Warwick.

CADA stated that it was: “ ... encouraged today to read that the Premier and Minister of National Safety has termed the number of road fatalities a ‘crisis’.”

The statement noted that although all road fatalities do not have either alcohol or drugs in their system, a significant number do.

The organisation called for non-selective sobriety check points, mandatory alcohol testing for all collisions resulting in injury, and the establishment of an “ABC”. CADA added in a statement: “This primary role which will be to enforce all liquor-licensing laws.”

The organisation also called for ‘social hosting legislation’, and said: “It is clear from the most recent survey of our young people that they are first introduced to alcohol in the home.”

CADA spokesman Anthony Santucci said: “If we are to change Bermuda’s relationship with alcohol, we encourage government to follow our 2008 legislative committee recommendations.”

To view CADA’s recommendations, go to: http://goo.gl/8UccnS