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Sing-a-grams are a Valentine’s hit

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Lloyd Holder, Cahlii Smith and Willet Burch, surprise the Argus staff with a Sing-a-gram for Valentine’s Day (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Love was in the air, the office lobby and even the police station yesterday morning as romantics took the opportunity to send their loved ones Valentine’s sing-a-grams.

The fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda surpassed expectations with young Bermudian band Dem Biez and Alpha Phi Alpha singer Lloyd Holder running from location to location to serenade the lucky lovers.

The Argus Group proved it had a big heart and hired the musicians to serenade its entire staff in the lobby yesterday afternoon.

Head of Global HR at Argus, Kellianne Smith, who helped hatch the plan, told The Royal Gazette: “We partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I saw what they were doing on Facebook and thought what a great way to spread love.

“The rewards and recognition committee decided that we would do this to just spread love to the staff and also any clients who come in can also participate. It’s just a nice gesture.” Sandra Williams, who works in administration at the insurance company, was spotted singing along to one of the songs — All of Me — in the lobby. She told The Royal Gazette: “I had no idea what was going to happen. It is a wonderful surprise for Valentine’s Day. Not all of us have that special someone so it is kind of nice to get serenaded and to be part of the whole celebration of love. The key thing is love and we felt that. It was beautiful.”

Speaking of the music itself, Ms William added: “I love music and these guys are fantastic. I am just hoping there is a big road open for them ahead and that they will find success as a group because they thrilled me.”

Led by BBBS managing director Patrina Paynter, the musicians later made their way to Hamilton Police Station where one female constable was called from her desk to attend a matter in the reception area.

PC Marlon Cann looked a little confused when she saw Ms Paynter standing in reception until the band made their way inside and began singing a romantic song to her.

With a few tears in her eyes, Ms Cann said: “I am very appreciative, it is from my fiancé Andrew Smith.

“I wasn’t expecting this — not at all. I was wondering why they wanted me out front. It was a big surprise when I got here this morning. There were roses here but I wasn’t expecting this.”

Ms Paynter said the sing-a-gram had been completely overbooked and some had even booked them out the day before to show their loved ones that they care.

“It was so popular we had two people asking if we could have them at the airport yesterday and one at Harry’s last night — he was having a romantic dinner with his wife. We are going to do it again next year.

“There are so many ways that you can get involved in the charity — even if you can’t be a mentor, these guys are out today and they are having a blast.”

Dem Biez, Willet Burch and Cahlii Smith surprise PC Marlon Smith with a Sing-a-gram for Valentine’s Day (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)
Lloyd Holder, Cahlii Smith and Willet Burch, surprise the Argus staff with a Sing-a-gram for Valentine’s Day (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)