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PLP condemns ministers’ actions

Lovitta Foggo

The Progressive Labour Party has condemned the actions of two Bermuda Government ministers in the House of Assembly on Friday night.

Sylvan Richards, the Minister for Social Development and Sports, was told to leave the chamber for not apologising for comments he made while PLP MP Lawrence Scott spoke of how he was pepper-sprayed as he tried to help a senior on December 2.

Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, the Minister of Home Affairs, was later chastised by Speaker Randy Horton for using unparliamentary language as she described how a man greeted her on December 2 by saying “here comes that f***ing b****”.

In a statement released this evening, Lovitta Foggo, the shadow minister of education said: “The distasteful and offensive verbiage of Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, coupled with the refusal to apologise for his own offensive remarks by Sylvan Richards show a government that is becoming unhinged and unfocused.

“Premier Dunkley needs to enforce the proper decorum from his Cabinet and MPs when debating in the House of Assembly.

“We all understand that things can get heated in the House of Assembly, however, there is no excusing the way Minister Gordon-Pamplin shouted profane language on Friday night, regardless of the context in which they were used. There could have been young people listening and that language is not one which should be associated with a senior political stateswoman.

Ms Foggo added: “Minister Richards’s outburst to MP Lawrence Scott, that he deserved to be pepper-sprayed, shows a minister that is hopelessly out of touch with his community. In making those disparaging remarks, he has told all protesters injured on December 2 that they deserved what they got.”