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Rare appearance: Jimmy Spithill, the Oracle Team USA skipper, holds the America’s Cup during a new conference in New York

As we countdown to the 35th America’s Cup The Royal Gazette will bring you one fun fact a day about the boats, the sailors, the crew, or the history of this illustrious competition. There are now 27 days until the month-long sporting spectacle gets under way.

The America’s Cup, was crafted in 1848 by London jewellers Robert Garrard & Co. It originally measured 27 inches in height, but to accommodate the growing list of winners, two bases have been added, increasing the height to 44 inches.

The Cup, or the Auld Mug as it is commonly known, has been fought over since it was first presented as a prize in 1851. It is the oldest trophy in international sport, here are some more facts you might not know:

• Referred to as “she”, the Cup is made of top-quality sterling silver and is rarely touched by bare human hands, only agents wearing museum-quality white cotton gloves.

• In 1852, the Cup was almost melted down into medallions for the members of the winning team.

• In 1997 in New Zealand, a Maori activist attacked the trophy with a sledgehammer. The cup was repaired by Garrard’s of London and now travels with two security protection agents.

• The trophy weighs approximately 32.4 lbs.

• BMW Oracle Racing, winner of the 33rd America’s Cup, replaced the trophy’s simple wooden base with one made of the same carbon fiber as their yacht, USA 17.

• The America’s Cup trophy travels around the world in a custom-designed Louis Vuitton case, which was made and presented to her for her 150th birthday.

• She flies in business or first class wherever she goes and is enrolled in many frequent-flyer programmes.