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A few observations from Bermuda visit No 60

Our letter writer’s visit to Admiralty Park was ruined by a noisy kite

Dear Sir,

For the 60th time, I am back home with great memories of another fabulous Bermuda vacation.

As usual, the airport services were very friendly and helpful. Since I use the same taxi drivers, I was welcomed by old friends.

Our Airbnb accommodations were new and spotless.

As I have complained before, the only flight from JFK is at night so I had to shell out money to arrive at my destination at 12.30am and go to sleep. What a waste!

Bermuda is still incredibly beautiful and every Bermudian that I met was more than friendly.

Having raced sports cars for more than 16 years, I am more unnerved by the insane overtaking on the roads than I was on the fastest tracks in the United States. Some people are nuts, but I read about the road accidents in The Royal Gazette all the time. Not surprised.

The food at the restaurants was excellent, But who decided to make straws out of dry, hard fibreglass? It was hard to enjoy my Planter’s Punches.

I may bring my own straws next visit and hope Customs doesn’t catch me.

I have noticed that Bermuda has lowered its dress-code standards. Too bad.

Oleander Cycles treated us like family as they usually do. Bermuda’s roads were a vacation in themselves, compared with the Third World-like roads of New York. Except for the lack of jetways, I still enjoy the “old” airport.

Bermuda did a great job on the new additions to Horseshoe Bay. The only bus ride that I have taken in a decade was good.

My visit to the Sandys Rotary Club meeting was one of the high points of my trip, as usual. We couldn’t visit the Botanical Garden because of the lack of benches and my wife’s poor legs and back.

Admiralty Park’s new look is great. Unfortunately, our visit was ruined by the severely annoying whine of a kite. We couldn’t leave the park soon enough.

My next visit cannot come soon enough. Keep Bermuda beautiful.


Massapequa, New York