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Design studio moves into co-working space

Designs on success: pictured, from left, are Antwan and Emma Edwards of Red Bicycle with Coral Wells of Connectech (Photograph supplied)

Design studio Red Bicycle has moved into a co-working space operated by Connectech.

Red Bicycle, headed by husband-and-wife team Emma and Antwan Edwards, was founded in 2015 after the couple moved back to Bermuda after graduating from Florida’s Full Sail University.

The studio is a multidisciplinary design studio specialising in branding, web and graphic design including three-dimensional animation for the film and television industry.

Its local and international clients span a range of industries including telecommunications, film, and transportation.

The couple’s previous work included an internship with the Earthrise Space Foundation Inc which was competing for the $30 million Google Lunar X prize to be awarded to the first private lunar rover mission.

Red Bicycle was run out of the couple’s Somerset home for its first year, but the couple wanted to find a space specifically for work. Connectech’s offices are on the second floor of Cedar House at 41 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton.

“Both of us loved this space as soon as we saw it,” said Mrs Edwards. “It excites me to be alongside other businesses, even though they are in different industries.

“If you’ve taken the path to entrepreneurship you have passion about what you do. I also like the fact that there’s coding camps here. It’s like Bermuda’s start-up Google!”

Mr Edwards cites easy access to local clients in Hamilton and amenities such as meeting and training rooms as additional benefits.

Coral Wells, the founder of Connectech, said: “We’re building a collaborative community of diverse independent professionals and small business teams here at Connectech. Red Bicycle is a perfect fit.”

Connectech offers about 4500 square feet of affordable shared work spaces, as well as meeting and training rooms, classes and events. It will add another 2,000 square feet of space by early next year.

For more information, go to www.weareredbicycle.com and www.connectech.bm