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Two charged with theft from pharmacy

Two women have been charged with stealing money from The Phoenix Store on Woodbourne Avenue where they were employed.

Tosha Simmons, 43, of Devonshire, was charged with stealing a total of $8,839 from the store. Tthe thefts took place on three separate occasions.

Meanwhile, while BritniiHollis-Butterfield, 25, was charged with stealing $100.

Both have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Prosecutor Nicole Smith told senior magistrate Juan Wolffe that the pair were acting jointly to carry out the thefts which is why they were being charged together.

Ms Simmons was given bail of $5,000 with one like surety while Ms Hollis-Butterfield was given bail of $1,000 with one like surety. The pair are due to stand trial on September 7.