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Logic makes Flow Sports free until November

Logic Communications plans to increase the number of sports channels to help address complaints by football fans.

In a statement this afternoon, Logic announced that it plans to introduce Flow Sports Premier next month as a result of Flow Sports purchasing the Caribbean rights to air English Premier League matches.

And the company announced that until the end of October, Flow Sports will be available for free for all customers — and Flow Sports Premier should it be added before then.

Frank Amaral, chief executive officer of Logic, said: “For the time being, Flow Sports is the only channel available and which matches are shown on each channel is entirely at the discretion of Flow Sports, so we unfortunately do not get to make the decisions about what’s on and when.

“We know there are many fans of EPL teams in Bermuda and we understand how frustrating it is when you can’t watch your favourite team in action. The challenge is that we are not able to choose which matches are shown; only Flow Sports can do that.

“We are ready to air Flow Sports Premier as soon as it becomes available. The channel is targeted to launch next month, although an exact date has not yet been provided.”

He also explained that the company does not block channels that show Premier League games. “If an NBC affiliate, for example, is showing an EPL game in the USA, it’s because they have the rights to do so there,” he said.

“Since they don’t have the rights in Bermuda, they will block the broadcast on their end or replace it with some other programming. It is never us that blocks any channels unless we are mandated by the content owner to do so.”

Both channels will be available in HD. If a customer subscribes to Flow Sports with Logic, they will be able automatically to watch the matches in HD for free provided they have an HD-capable box.

Flow Sports is available from Logic on channel 338 and the HDTV version on channel 438.