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Ring in bright water

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Unusual find: Jordanna Maher found a gold ring while looking for seashells at Chaplin Bay Beach (Photograph supplied)

Jordanna Maher was searching for seashells at Chaplin Bay Beach with her friends when she spotted something unusual in the water.

Her friend thought it was a bottle cap but on closer inspection, it turned out to be a gold ring.

Since the ring is engraved with a name and what Ms Maher believes to be a wedding date, she now hopes to reunite it with its rightful owner.

“I was so excited,” Ms Maher, who lives near Calgary in Canada, told The Royal Gazette. “As soon as I saw that it was engraved, I knew there was a chance at getting it back to its owner.

“It reminded me of finding a message in a bottle.

“You just always hear about things getting lost in Bermuda because of the triangle, so it was pretty cool finding something too.”

Ms Maher, who was visiting the island for a week with her husband, decided to have a beach day with two of her friends last Tuesday.

“We walked from Horseshoe Bay Beach and ended up taking a trail to Chaplin Bay Beach. It was gorgeous and secluded, we were the only ones there aside from a local man, who told us the name of the beach and mentioned the tide was higher than normal and the sand turned about due to the hurricane.

“We were looking for seashells and I was probably only up to mid-calf in water when I saw it.

“I pointed it out to my friend, she thought it was just a bottle cap but sure enough when I reached in to get it, it was the ring.”

Ms Maher added: “It’s stamped inside with ‘14K’ and it is such a unique band, I have never seen one like it. It’s also huge, so whoever it belongs to isn’t a small man.

“It is engraved with a name and what I believe is a wedding date, so the owner of the ring could verify that with me so that I know it truly does belong to them.”

She wrote about what had happened on Facebook, inviting her friends to share the post in an attempt to find who the ring belongs to. Ms Maher also reached out to various hotels on the island, as well as cruise lines, and has shared the post on local Facebook pages.

The original post had been shared more than 890 times.

“I am actually surprised at how many people are commenting that it was so kind and honest of me to post the lost ring online, because I didn’t think twice about it,” she said.

And Ms Maher added: “Social media makes the world a much smaller place so it gives me hope that with all the people sharing my post, it will be seen by someone that knows who it belongs to.

“The post has already been shared by people all over the world.

“The more people that see it the better.”

If you recognise this ring, reach out to Ms Maher via Facebook at www.facebook.com/jordie.lang

Beach day: from left, Jillian Raeann, Jordanna Maher and Jana-Lyn Fairbairnat at Chaplin Bay Beach (Photograph supplied)