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So disappointed to discover Lodge Point Lane locked

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Mean-spirited decision: the blocked entrance to Lodge Point Lane (Photograph by Ernest McCreight)

Dear Sir,

Before the opening day of the America’s Cup, I scouted favourable positions on land to view and photograph the event. I was delighted to see that the area of Lodge Point off Craddock Road on Ireland Island had been cleared of trees and bushes around the water’s edge and offered clear unobstructed views of the event, with lots of car and motorcycle parking.

It appeared that West End Development Corporation or the Department of Parks had cleared the area for the benefit of locals to view the event. Saturday past, I planned on surprising my wife by taking a full picnic with chairs, umbrella and stand, side table, packed lunch, refreshments and radio for commentary.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to find that the metal gate giving access to Lodge Point was padlocked, meaning we had to park on Craddock Road and lug everything the few hundred yards to view the event. We had to leave the side table and umbrella behind.

If locking the gate was intentional, it was very mean-spirited and I hope that for the rest of the races the gate will be open. The attendant photographs show there is ample parking for cars and bikes.


Ample area for parking (Photograph by Ernest McCreight)
More room for parking (Photograph by Ernest McCreight)