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Charity inundated with clothing donations

An official climbs through a window as he checks a home damaged by Hurricane Harvey (Photograph by Eric Gay/AP)

Organisers of a monthly dinner for the needy have been inundated with clothing donations for hurricane-ravaged islands in the Caribbean.

But now, Grateful Bread faces the problem of getting the clothes to the Caribbean.

Juliana Snelling, of Grateful Bread, said: “We have a lot of donations taken and, in addition to that, we are getting lots of calls from people who want to donate clothes to us.

“Unfortunately, we have been having to turn away clothing.

“We are appealing for anyone who may be sending a container to the Caribbean who might have available space to let us know.”

Ms Snelling said the group collected donated clothes to give away at their monthly dinners for people struggling to make ends meet.

But she added the amount of clothing handed in is more than Grateful Bread needed.

Ms Snelling said: “We dropped some clothes off at Feed My Lambs Ministry last week, but they have said they can’t take any more right now.

“It would be great to have someone step forward with information.

“I think there’s a lack of knowledge out there. Nobody knows where to take their clothes.”

Ms Snelling said calls about donations have increased after the Caribbean was battered by a pair of major hurricanes last month.

Several islands were devastated by Hurricane Irma in September, with some getting a second hit from Hurricane Maria just a week later.

Ms Snelling said the outpouring of support showed how generous and grateful Bermudians are. She added: “We are a relatively wealthy community, and we want to share what we have.

“We are also grateful that we were not struck by the series of hurricanes earlier this season.

“It’s a wonderful thing that people want to help, but we just don’t know how to get it there.”